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Tiburon offers numerous frames and upgrade conversion components to retrofit Penn fishing reels including these popular series; Penn International, Penn Jigmaster, Penn Long Beach, Penn Senator, Penn Squidder and Penn Surfmaster. Tiburon offers upgrades for Newell reels as well.

Prior to the introduction of their one-piece frames, Penn reels were built with multi-piece frames, which have a tendency to flex. For the serious angler using big game reels, the strength and rigidity of one-piece technology is a must-have, especially if you use larger-sized reels like the Penn 50.
Tiburon TLD-20 and TLD-30 kits are simple to install and come complete with reel clamps and stainless steel mounting hardware. Tiburon TLD frames are hard anodized with a black satin finish. Complete your upgrade using Tiburon's oversize drag plate and precision spool bearing kits.

A superior design element of Tiburon's one-piece frame is its "topless" feature. You'll notice there is no upper cross bar between the two frame sides. This is what "topless" means. By upgrading to the Tiburon Reel Frame you will be able to cast farther and more precisely than ever before. You'll gain function and form with this handsomely designed replacement frame.

Rejuvenate your favorite reel by upgrading its frame today. You will be thrilled at its enhanced performance. Tiburon frames for Penn International 12H, 12LT and 12T reels are compatible with Cal's 2-speed conversions.

The Penn International T16 topless frame comes complete with a set of two harness lug plugs and a set of two sloped harness lugs (pictured at right). Sloped harness lugs are designed to shed line tangles.

Perhaps you have a Penn Senator reel that's caused you some problems in the past. Our frames for the 113H Penn and 114H Penn Senators are very popular. We have frames for Newell reels too.

Each frame kit includes an anodized, machined aluminum reel clamp with stainless steel mounting hardware. We make sure your gear stays put!

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