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As a business decision, Tiburon has discontinued production of new fishing reels.  There is a small inventory of SST50 reels in stock.  However, Tiburon is focusing on producing more varieties of frames, handles, spool & kits, etc. in greater quantities than before to supply customer demand.

If you have come to this site to purchase a complete SST reel, we apologize.  Thank you for your interest.

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Tiburon Reel ConversionsTiburon Reel ConversionsAdd new life and reliability to your big game reels with Tiburon’s reel upgrade and conversion component technology.

If you sport a Penn (including a Penn International) or Newell, Tiburon has the right upgrades for your bait cast reels.

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Tiburon T-Bar HandlesTiburon T-Bar HandlesT-Bar™ articulated reel handles are the first ergonomically correct reel handles ever developed and are the perfect fit for most bait casting reels.

Unlike other reel handles, the T-Bar™ takes full advantage of the natural dynamics of the human hand, wrist and forearm to sustain power and endurance for the serious angler.

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Tiburon Rod Reel Clamps & Trigger Reel BaseTiburon Rod Reel Clamps & Trigger Reel BaseSecure your reel the right way using the best Rod Reel Clamp technology available today.

Have a damaged reel seat on a favorite rod, or need to re-locate the reel to a more comfortable position? Your reel is secure with a Tiburon Rod Reel Clamp, the best Rod Reel Clamp in the sport fishing industry.

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