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Need a new saltwater fishing reel? . . . If you are in the market for big game baitcasting reels, be sure to FIRST research the automatic-shifting, Smart Shift® 2-Speed Reels from Tiburon. If you are considering an Okuma fishing reel, a Avet reel, or an Accurate reel, look no further. You owe it to yourself to see the patented "autoshift" reel from Tiburon. You WILL be impressed! The Tiburon Smart Shift® reel automatically senses the line pressure and upshifts or downshifts to ensure that you are in the right gear all the time. For example, if a fish jumps or makes a hard charge to the boat, the SmartShift® reel instantly senses the change in line tension and shifts to the higher gear, allowing you to take up slack line at over twice the line retrieval rate. You never have to manually shift gears again! Click here, or on the image to the left, to find out more.

Need a Power Handle for your saltwater fishing reels? . . . Replace your current reel handles with the first patented and ergonomically engineered power handle. You will be amazed at the comfort and pure cranking power that a T-Bar Handle by Tiburon offers. Avet reels, Accurate reels and Okuma reels are known the world over. Their performance is greatly enhanced when fitted with Tiburon's T-Bar Handle. Click here, or on the image to the left, to see the T-Bar Handle application list for these baitcasting reels.

Need a Rod Reel Clamp for your saltwater fishing reels? . . . If you have an Okuma reel, an Avet reel, or an Accurate reel, you may have experienced a loosening of your reel seat while fighting a fish. Or perhaps the mounting location for your trolling reels needs to be modified. Well, there is a MUCH better way to attach your Okuma saltwater reel, or other big game reel, to your favorite rod instead of using the rod's factory reel seat. Welcome to the world of rod reel clamps by Tiburon. Tiburon makes several reel clamps to assist the serious angler to ensure that their gear stays fixed to the rod. Rod reel clamps by Tiburon allow you to reposition the reel to a more comfortable location or revive your favorite rod with a damaged reel seat. Click here, or on the image to the left, to see the clamp application list for Okuma fishing reels and many other favorite brands.

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