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Check out Tiburon's large and wide reel, the SST-50W, manufactured in the USA.

Your SST-50W color choices are Gold or Silver.  The gear ratios for this reel are 3.6:1 (high) and 1:2 (low).

The SST-50W (pictured) is Tiburon's wide version of 50-size (5/0) Smart Shift reels. This model has the traditional top crossbar in the frame, but it is designed for maximum spool access, again giving the angler added control of the reel. The SST-50W is destined to be the ultimate in big game tournament reels as the patented Smart Shift automatic 2-speed design is perfect for fighting a big fish from the cockpit of a sport-fisher.

This big reel will shift gears automatically, not only in response to what the fish is doing, BUT ALSO IN RESPONSE TO WHAT THE SKIPPER OF THE BOAT IS DOING! These are high performance, hi-tech reels that give tournament anglers a clear advantage over the competition.

The Drag System in the SST-50W reel will produce more than 30 lbs. of drag at STRIKE position while maintaining excellent free-spool performance. On average, the drag output of the SST-50W reel at the FULL drag position is 45% greater than the initial drag setting at the STRIKE position. As an example, with an initial drag setting of 35 lbs. at STRIKE position, the drag output at FULL position is a whopping 60 lbs.!  The line capacity of the SST-50W 1000 yds. of 130-lb. Spectra, plus a short Mono topshot. The weight of the SST-50W reel is 66 oz.

Tiburon’s Smart Shift 5/0 - Wide

Tiburon’s Smart Shift 5/0 - Wide

SST-50W Reels Line Retrieval
Rate (inches)
Type Model # Color Wt. (Oz.) High Gear Low Gear High / Low Gear Mono Capacity Spectra Capacity & Top Shot
6 SST50W-Gold06 Gold 66 3.6:1 1.2:1 40" / 14" per Rev 890 yds / 50# 1000 yds / 150# + 50 yds / 100#
SST50W-Silver06 Silver
Drag Specifications: 32 lbs. @ strike and 45 lbs. @ full -OR- 32 lbs. @ strike and 45 lbs. at full.

Note: Only gold and silver colors are available and are limited to stock on-hand.

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